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Recommended Resources

Below are some useful links for resources relating to Rites of Passage, Men's ministry and initiations.

the intentional father.jpeg

The Intentional Father

by Jon Tyson

A helpful guide to raising boys with lots of great examples of initiations. Jon helps fathers create rites of passage for their own sons through careful and intentional questions as well as examples from his own fathering. 

wild at heart logo.png

Wild at Heart 

(John Eldridge)

John's books seek to describe and help men understand what it means to be a man and what the journey of manhood should look like from a biblical perspective. His books Wild at Heart and Fathered by God are favourites of ours

raising a modern day knight.jpeg

Raising a Modern Day Knight by Robert Lewis

An old school book with lots of relevancy. Focusses on need for a community of men to raise boys into men. Includes creative ideas for ascribing value to mens initiation.

brave co.png

Brave Co

lost boys- bring them home.jpeg

Lost Boys: Bring Them Home 

by Cindy McGarvie

Cindy identifies core issues in the world of manhood, using military stories and perspectives. This book helps the body of Christ understand the battle for boys and how we can be most effective in rescuing them.

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More resources to come...

A global men's ministry directed by Jason Vallotton of Bethel Church Redding. We haven't been a part of BraveCo directly yet but have heard tremendous testimonies.

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